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Adopting a child is both a wonderful thing and a challenge. The process is more complex than it may initially appear, so having experienced representation is crucial. Whether there is an agreement, or in circumstances where consent is not possible, we can help get you through the whole adoption process. We also strive to do so in a cost-effective manner. We also seek mutual agreement whenever possible, in the interests of reducing strife and costs.


Often, those seeking to adopt must first get the biologic parents’ rights terminated in order for the adoption to be able to proceed. Please see our section on TPRs below.



Changing your or your child’s name should not a painful experience. We aim to streamline this complex process and to help you in the speediest and most cost-effective way possible. We can also help you with getting a name change as part of a divorce. There are pitfalls in the name changing process, so please contact us to discuss the particulars of your situation.



Termination of Parental Rights actions (“TPRs”) are one of the most challenging areas of juvenile law. The law makes many specific demands that the TPR is filed properly. There are thousands of Court of Appeals decisions that interpret and direct the entire process.


Experience matters. We have handled dozens of TPRs, both defending the parents and pursuing the termination for the petitioner. Please contact us to discuss the merits of your case. No matter what side of the case you are on, we can help.


Family Law
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