Financial matters cause conflict, often in the best of situations, and separated couples even more so. We aim to help our clients get a fair amount of child support. We also can help get existing child support orders modified to become more fair. We are able to represent both those seeking support and those paying the support.



While many modifications of existing orders are uncomplicated, some modifications get quite contentious. We strive to resolve modifications through negotiation when possible, since negotiation is less contentious and less costly. We also try to empower clients to resolve their own problems without the need for costly legal fees. But when all else fails, we are ready to help you litigate your matter effectively. Please contact us so we can discuss what approach will suit your needs best.



When an “Order to Show Cause” is issued against you, you need informed advice quickly. We have represented hundreds of clients in that same position. We know all the options that are available to you to resolve your issue without risking jail time. Please contact us so we can discuss your situation and decide together what your options are.