moved to Western North Carolina in early 1996, after having recently graduated from college. I quickly settled in Asheville, which has been my home ever since.


Like many people, I sustained myself by holding a variety of jobs over the next several years.  Also during that time, I was proud to have worked with both Mountain Housing Opportunities as an AmeriCorps member, and then later at the United Way of Asheville and Buncombe County.


At Mountain Housing, I worked with a master carpenter, fixing low-income people’s homes that had gotten unsafe to live in; we helped make sure that our clients could continue living in their own homes, once our work was done.


At the United Way, I helped raise funds during the difficult period immediately after September 11, 2001. The funds they raised helped support the United Way’s core mission of supporting people’s health, education, and prosperity. 


My work with Mountain Housing and the United Way helped shape who I am today.  I am proud to continue to support both groups.

My wife and I left the area for a few years so I could attend law school at the University of Tennessee. With the support of my wife, I received a comprehensive legal education, as well as practical, hands-on experience working with actual clients through the school’s legal clinic. 


When I returned to Buncombe County after law school, I decided that I would open my own law firm. I became licensed to practice law in North Carolina in August of 2005. Since then, I have established himself as a self-employed solo practitioner, working primarily in Buncombe, Madison, and Yancey Counties.  I often work with many low-income clients to protect their rights and to help their families.


I also support Pisgah Legal Services, a regional legal aid group for low-income families. I usually have at least one or two clients at a time via Pisgah Legal's Mountain Area Volunteer Lawyer Program, which provides free legal work for certain kinds of cases to people who cannot otherwise afford a lawyer.

Like many Western North Carolinians, I consider myself fortunate to live in an area that I love where I am also able to do work that I find so important and fulfilling.  I hope my good fortune continues for a long time to come.