There often comes a time when a loved-one is unable to safely manage their affairs anymore. At those times, concerned relatives or friends need to step up and give the necessary help. We have been advising and representing such concerned people for years, helping them get done what is needed without causing undue pain and animosity. We always seek to retain as many rights for the incompetent person as possible, so that their life can continue to be as full as it can be. Contact us for a consultation about what might be the best fit for your loved-one.



Name changes—whether for yourself or your child—can get tricky, depending on the particulars of your situation. Having legal representation takes the worry out of the equation, while also saving you a substantial amount of time. Contact us to talk about what your best options are.



Adopting a child is both a wonderful thing and a challenge. The process is more complex than it may initially appear, so having experienced representation is crucial. Whether there is an agreement, or in circumstances where consent is not possible, we can help get you through the whole adoption process. We also strive to do so in a cost-effective manner. We also seek mutual agreement whenever possible, in the interests of reducing strife and costs.


Often, those seeking to adopt must first get the biologic parents’ rights terminated in order for the adoption to be able to proceed. Please see our section on TPRs on the Family Law and Custody page.


When the parents of a child were never married, we can help fathers get themselves legally recognized as the parent of their child. We aim to get you through the process as quickly and inexpensively as possible. Contact us for more details.